Social programmes in Engelberg

In Engelberg you can plan and organise many different supporting programmes with your seminar participants.

Show cheese dairy Einsiedeln Abbey – making cheese yourself

At the show dairy in Einsiedeln Abbey you will learn how cheese is made. Would you just like to watch? Or would you also like to take part and make cheese from the milk? Both is possible. After the successful cheese production you can taste different cheeses. Do you prefer the soft cheese or the semi-hard cheese? Do you prefer mild or strong cheese? From our point of view every cheese is simply delicious. Find out which drinks match which cheese. And as a souvenir you can take the cheese with you as a culinary souvenir. The Klosterglocke, the fine cream cheese, is ideal for this. The cheese has the shape of the church bell that rang in the church tower of the Benedictine monastery in Engelberg at the time. Today the bell is located in the monastery garden. The shape of the cheese is unique worldwide.

Paragliding – flying high and looking at the world from above

Take a deep breath and start running now. Suddenly you have no ground under your feet. Oops, that’s a funny feeling. It pulls you up and you float. The wind is pulling you up and you are floating. The view of the mountains, which are suddenly very close. The view down the valley that suddenly seems so far away. Simply magnificent. You hear the cow bells of the cows on the mountain pastures ringing. You hear the voices of the hikers. And you hear the hum of the air. Time flies. You’ re landing. And you’ re on the ground again. What remains is a unique experience. And for most people the desire to take off again immediately. You and your seminar participants will also enjoy this extraordinary experience. Paragliding in Engelberg. Your social programme in Engelberg.

If you just have the feeling that these are all kinds of supporting programmes, then unfortunately we have to disappoint you. There is so much more to do and discover. Don’t hesitate and ask us about the appropriate social programme for your seminar or workshop. We look forward to inspiring you too and creating an experience.

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